Suppressed in Britain; acclaimed in Germany

At a special 50th anniversary gala showing of Goldfinger at the C1 Cinema Braunschweig on 20th September 2014, Nikki van der Zyl was made the first Honorary Member of the James Bond Club Deutschland, in recognition of her remarkable contribution to the Bond franchise.

The German fans are proud that Berlin-born Nikki was selected as the voice of Jill Masterson, to replace that of British cockney actress Shirley Eaton  

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... the uncredited voice artist Nikki van der Zyl, who dubbed most of the Bond girls throughout the years, was - and continues to be - denied recognition due to the producers' efforts to maintain the total 'Bond girl' image. M Daily (The Medium Group) March 2014

Nikki was featured on the Berlin Fenster, a video news system installed in the city underground trains.

Night Flight to Berlin - a unique exhibition for Bond fans and others was hosted by the Pankow Museum.
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Nikki was the star guest at the Braunschweig film festival, October 2013.
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Photo below: Nikki being interviewed by event organiser Danny Morgenstern (red shirt) before a special screening of From Russia with Love in which Nikki revoiced Eunice Gayson (as Sylvia Trench).
Photo right: some of the enthusiastic audience who filled the Braunschweig C1 Cinema.

These 4 photos courtesy of The Bond Bulletin

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