This is what Bond fans are saying to the organizer:

I was very shocked to find out via your website that you had been blocked from attending the upcoming Goldfinger Reunion event ... given the huge contribution you have made to the James Bond franchise. The 50th Anniversary would in my opinion be sullied by your absence.

It is absolutely unbelievable that Nikki van der Zyl is not welcome at this important moment and event. She has been one with everything about Bond and beyond! I am hoping, that this huge mistake will not be made. Nikki has deserved it, to be at this event. She has become a part of the Bond-Universe!
(MG, German fan)

I cannot understand for a moment why anyone would wish to deprive Nikki of being a part of such a momentous day. Surely it is a right and privilege for everyone concerned, to be there to help celebrate this once in a lifetime occasion with enthusiasm and nostalgic glee, and just be in the moment without allowing any self defeating shadows to be cast.

I think, Nikki has much more to say about Goldfinger, than Mrs. Eaton. Shirley Eaton had only a couple of days shooting time. Ok, Mrs Eaton has a very memorable appearance in the film, but if I would have the choice, I would choose Miss van der Zyl instead of Mrs Eaton. Not only that she worked much longer on Goldfinger, she also worked on further Bond films, Mrs. Eaton did not.
(CB, German Bond fan for 30 years)

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