The van der Zyl Family Photo Album, part 1
This page includes photos of Nikki with her husband George and the children Kerry and Darrell enjoying many happy times together. Click on a thumbnail to see an enlarged picture.
Photo left was taken at a ceremony at the Leo Baeck College in 1994 to mark the 10th anniversary of the death of the founder Rabbi Dr Werner van der Zyl. Pictured are his widow Anneliese, daughter Nikki, and grandchildren Kerry & Darrell.
Grand and great-grandchildren are invited to contribute items for these family pages.
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 Mother and Son  Having Fun  Kerry, Darrell, Nikki
 Darrell van der Zyl, DIY Photo left shows a young Darrell practicing the DIY skills he learnt from step-Dad George.
Photo right shows Kerry and Darrell having a great day out with their grandparents.
Below, a sporty family on a windsurfing weekend.
 Brother and Sister, Hendon  Windsurfers take a break  Family Group, Hendon
 Family Group (incl. Fifi)  A Private Joke  Darrell, Rosemarie, George (1981)
 Visiting our German Friends  Winter Sports (Hendon)  Winter Wonderland (Hendon)
 Happy Birthday!  Happy Birthday!  Belgium Holiday (1981)
 Youth Hostelling in Switzerland (1981)  Alpine Holiday (1981)  Tourists Abroad (1981)
 Purim  Party Time  Party Time
 Party Time  Sportsman  Sportsman
 Sportsman  Sportsman  Take Off!
 Airborne!  Lift Off!  Preparation
 River Cruising  Life on the Sea Shore  My Favourite
 Wedding Day (1968)  Catching up with the News  Grandma, Darrell, Kerry
 Woodland Visit  Woodland Visit  Riverside
 Riverside  Riverside  Two Sea Creatures
 Ready to Order  Happy Birthday!  Sportsman
 Party Time  Celebration  Celebration
 Scholar at Work (1976)  Switzerland  Switzerland

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