Rabbi Dr. Werner van der Zyl, Founder of the Leo Baeck College - Photo Album
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House (extreme right) in Schwerte where Rabbi van der Zyl was born in 1902.

Same building in June 2006 showing changes to the facade with shops on the ground floor.

Nikki with German friends at the corner of the building displaying the commemorative plaque (shown below).

A young Werner (far right) with his mother and siblings.

Nikki places stones on the memorial panel which marks the site of the Schwerte Synagogue destroyed by the Nazis.

Werner and Anneliese.

With Anneliese's parents.

Studio photograph.

Studio photograph.

Relaxing, Prenzlauer Berg, 1930s.

Engagement photograph, 1930

The original interior of the Neue Synagogue, Berlin built in 1866.
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On February 21st. 1937 Rabbi van der Zyl officiated at a memorial service in the Neue Synagogue for the Reichs Association of Jewish Front Solders to commemorate the fallen of the First World War. The white lectern-cloth seen in the photo is still in the possession of the Berlin Jewish Community.

The restored facade today.
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Calm before the storm: Anneliese with her parents Martha and Leo Less, boating at Weissensee.

The stolperstein for Martha Less who was murdered at Auschwitz in October 1944.

The bronze plaque marking the Kitchener Camp at Richborough, near Sandwich in Kent, where Rabbi van der Zyl was interned in 1940, along with other aliens.

Lecturing at a study weekend, 1950s.

Summer camp colleagues.

At ease with a young study group..

Attending a function with Anneliese.

Outside the North Western Reform Synagogue (Alyth).

Anneliese and Werner at home in their garden.

Studio photograph.

Werner van der Zyl was senior rabbi at the West London Synagogue 1958 to 1968.

Three Holocaust survivors at the Berlin Wall 1971; Nikki with her parents.

Werner with granddaughter Kerry, 1959.

Revisiting Alyth Synagogue.

Broadhurst Gardens, 1970.
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Above left: enjoying life in the sun.
Above centre: the last photo of Werner with Nikki and Anneliese in Mallorca, 1983.
Above right: Nikki speaking at the 50th anniversary celebrations of the Leo Baeck College, the Sternberg Centre, in March 2006.
Bottom: Hoop Lane Cemetery (click to enlarge)

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